Duke Cannon "The Perfect Shave Set"

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As master barbers know, the perfect shave starts hot and ends cold. This 1-2 punch from Duke Cannon is designed to deliver a barbershop-quality shave without the need for an appointment or weather-related small talk.

Step 1: Apply Duke Cannon's Hot Shave. This clear shave gel will generate a warming sensation that opens the pores and enables clean, comfortable blade strokes for the closest possible shave.

Step 2: Rinse with cold water and apply Ice Cold After-Shave Balm. Made with menthol, it provides a bracing cooling effect that helps close the pores while providing instant comfort. Leaves you with a nice sandalwood scent that most folks find very pleasant.

This 2-item combo includes a full 6 oz. After-Shave and a 4.5 oz Hot Shave, both of which should last a good, long time. Purchase this bundle to save $5.